Heitschapeitsch is the pseudonym of textile designer, tailoress, and artist Hanna Prugger. It reflects her South Tyrolian roots, where the contrasting alpine traditions and Mediterranean characteristics melt together.

Animated by the close connection to the artisanal environment, and the energy and power of nature, she explores within her work the juxtaposition of textures, fibers, patterns, and colors. She utilizes handwoven fabrics, knits, textile scraps, different painting and dyeing techniques, embroidery, and more. The outcome is a multifaceted mix of clothes, accessories, and interior design objects.

The process is based on the concept of zero waste in a sustainable and ethical way which she investigates whilst adopting a fun and positive point of view. Eager to make a constructive impact in the world she seeks to give at every art piece she creates a unique character.

Hanna Prugger graduated from the “FashionDesignTextile” college & the masterclass for theatre costumes at the “ArtFashionDesign – Herbststrasse” in Vienna (Austria). In 2018 she got her “master craftsman” as tailoress for womenswear in Austria. In Florence (Italy) she finished the master in “Textile – Creation of Art Fabrics” at the Accademia di Belle Arti & the Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio (2019).

She has shown her collections at various exhibitions in Vienna and Florence (Vienna Fashion Week, Take Festival Vienna, Le Murate – Florence).